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2003 B. E. A. T.

President Paul Ebeyer gives us a debrief:

This year's BEAT was a wonderful experience. The weather was perfect, the scenery always enjoyable, and there were about 125 cars total. . Accommodations at Little America are great, especially for the low rates charged. Everybody had a safe and enjoyable trip and we're all geared up to go again next year. If you participated in the BEAT, you might like to send a note of appreciation to Mike and Janice Goodwin at

Prior correspondence

B.E.A.T. web site

Update 1/13/02 from Michael (see below for original info)

Greetings, As promised, the following information regarding a Friday, April 25th. hotel where we have reserved a block of rooms for our drivers arriving from outside the Phoenix area. Please mention the “B.E.A.T.” to receive your discount room rate. The Hampton Inn does not have an on site restaurant, but right next door is a very nice “Marie Callender’s” restaurant. Their discount room rates will be $49.00 for 2 guests and $5.00 for each additional person in your room. Our block of rooms will be available until April 4th. After that, it’s what’s available, but our room discount continues to be applied. They will provide a very early morning continental breakfast for our group. A heated outdoor pool is available at both the Hampton Inn & Little America.

The Hampton Inn is located at 8101 N. Black Canyon Highway (I-17). Take exit # 206 (Northern Road). The Inn is located ¼ mile north of Northern Road, on the access road that runs parallel to I-17 on the east side. This location is just south of our “starting point” at the corner of Dunlap Road & I-17 in the parking lot on the north side of the Sheraton Crescent. The “starting point” has not changed, so if you are aware of its location, the location of the Hampton will be easy to find. A number of our drivers stayed there in 2002 and were pleased with that location. There is no toll free number, but their local number is (602) 864-6233. They do have e-mail ( where you can make reservations by e-mail.

Thanks, Mike & Janice Goodwin


E-mail of 01/10/03 from Michael of the B.E.A.T.


Attached is the 2003 application for the B.E.A.T. We have made a number of changes for 2003 and incorporated a number of suggestions from participants in previous drives. We want to expand the use of the Route Book to include not only maps & timetables for the drive, but also information on vendors that have helped with making the event a success and fun for you. Also to be included will be information on car clubs. Suggested information will be Club contacts, phone numbers, web sites and general information to attract new members to your group. This suggestion came from several participants since the B.E.A.T. does attract multi-marque owners. This of course means that I need to receive the information to be included. So as you read this, do not think that someone else is going to send me the information. If I receive the same information from 5 people of the same Club, we know that Club will be represented. 

Also keep in mind that we are limited in some areas where we park as a group to about 200 cars. We had 183 drivers in 2002, so do not delay in getting your application in the mail. And yes, this year I'm going to get the confirmations back to you in a better time-frame. We also plan on having a section in the Route Book for a listing of participants. This will be for finding out who has that really great looking Ferrari or Rolls Royce. The listing will only include: participant name, marque, model, year & color. 

We've also added a new restaurant, for a total of four in Prescott where you can use your $10 per car "BEAT BUCK" for lunch. Zuma's has been added and is excited about having drivers and their navigators join them for lunch. 

Speaking of Prescott, we have negotiated something special this year. You know how we park in Wickenburg? The street is blocked off on both ends and we park parallel with the street. We will do the same on "Whiskey Row", also known as Montezuma Street and / or Route 89A. How about that? Think of the photographs that can be taken with all of the cars parked parallel up & down "Whiskey Row".

 Additional plans are under way for something special for photography in Prescott & Cottonwood. Stay tuned and bring your digital cameras to share your pictures during "Happy Hour" in Flagstaff. We are working on a method to display your pictures taken Saturday. 

Another item of interest … remember the tiny magnets we used on the magnetic signs for the car doors? Using them, I'm not aware of any signs that were blown off or lost, so be sure and order your magnetic signs that will include these "button" magnets to hold the signs in place. And, of course we will have for those that bought signs in previous years the new ' 03 decal & magnets. 

Regarding Sunday morning activities ... it has been suggested that we have a group breakfast instead of lunch. This would allow those drivers that might have a longer drive home to be able to attend the final group get- together & raffle prizes drawing. By having a breakfast, we hope to be through with everything by 10:30 A.M. Sunday morning and on the road home. We need to have a head count for breakfast Sunday morning, so it is important to sign up and let us know you will be joining us for the raffle prizes drawing & buffet that we have planned. 

Again in 2003 we are staying at Little America in Flagstaff.  They suggest that you contact them as early as possible to book your room, mention the BEAT for your special rate.  The rate is $75 (single or double) and $10 for each additional person.  Little America will make the front desk staff aware so that when participants call to make a reservation under the name B.E.A.T. or British Euro Auto Tour, there will be no difficulties.  Contact them at 1-800-352-4386.

There is more information to share, but this note is getting too long and I want to be sure your ISP will allow this much information on your e-mail. We have additional route changes for this year and more items to share with you, so stay tuned and let us know who else should be contacted. By the way, the T-Shirt design again this year will be a very desirable item. Until our next message…

Thanks for your support !!

Mike & Janice Goodwin & Roger in our thoughts

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